Personal Experience & Achievements

The Australian International Education Sector is saturated with Agents providing Counselling and Education Advice to prospective International Students. Without denigrating those working in The International Education Sector; at GIC we like to think of our approach as unique. Our Education Consulting is based on 7 years of hands on experience, having actually studied at undergraduate and post graduate levels, in leading Australian tertiary institutions. At GIC our principal consultant completed his B.A (Globalization Studies) at Victoria University (Footscray), his Masters of International Relations at Monash University (Clayton) and his Post Graduate Certificate in Immigration Law and Practice at Victoria University (City Campus). At a corporate level, our principal consultant has also managed relationships with Swinburne University, Victoria University, RMIT and La Trobe University- during his time as a Director of an Education Software Company. Our experience situates us in a position to advise prospective International Students with qualified opinions and perspectives.

Professional Education Consulting that is Qualified with Australian Immigration Law

At GIC our principle consultant is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 0848935). We have in-depth knowledge of Student Visas, Australian Education- and the prospect of attaining permanent residency on completion of your studies. If your intention is to migrate to Australia on completion of your studies, then it makes sense to consult GIC before you make a substantial investment in your future- that may not result in the outcome you are planning for. A single year of study in Australia can cost between $8,000-$20,000 (depending on the course and the institution). For most students and their parents, this means there will only be one opportunity to study overseas. For our contracted clients, our Education Consulting Services and preparation of your Student Visa is Free of charge (excluding all application fees, police check, health Check, IELTS etc.) .You receive advice and qualified opinions that are supported by experience, in-depth knowledge, empirical markers and advice that is align with current Australian Immigration Law.